CELEBRATING MORE THAN 25 YEARS IN BUSINESS, Timot has applied his creative and business skills in the varied fields of Marketing, Advertising, Retailing, Cosmetics, Fashion and Interior Design. He has art directed music videos and national television commercials.

A former resident of New York City, Timot moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he built one of the top decorative arts firms in the region with commissions all over the United States, England and the Caribbean.

He began working as a volunteer event producer and designer helping to raise millions of dollars for Nashville charities. The success and recognition of this work lead to the creation of a full-service event business that he has been pursuing for the past five years.

With nearly 40 international nominations and 15 awards, Timot has become a major force in the international event scene. He takes great pride in incorporating his diversified creative background into producing and designing beautifully layered and organized events.